Welcome to Valzentia's Website

Hello. I am Valzentia. I do many things; programming, video editing, music production, audio mastering and mixing, and a variety of other things that we'd be speaking of all day if I listed all of them.
Should you ever need to contact me, my email is sarah@valzentia.com.

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About Me

I currently posess the following talents:

  • Video editing
  • Music production
  • Programming
  • Audio engineering (mixing, mastering)
  • Media archival
  • Computer everything

I do not possess the following talents:

  • Ability to quit chocolate cold turkey
  • 1337 h4xx0ring skills
  • God-tier Roblox building
  • Quitting my extreme tendency to put stupid things such as this in whatever websites I make

Website Archives

NewRock973.com (2014)

Contact Information

Once again, should you ever need to contact me: my email is sarah@valzentia.com.

Basic Website

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