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Valzentia.com is the official home of random crap owned by an individual known as Sarah Westervelt. This includes everything from roller coaster ramblings, video game-related stuff, website archives, and a bunch of other stuff; whether it's extremely useful or completely useless is completely up to you.

Website Index

Coaster Central - The most thrilling roller coaster website on the internet.
Sarah's Music Space - Sarah gives her thoughts on all kinds of music, from the musicianship to the technical aspects.
Is Ion Plus Still Operating? - The discount USA Network over-the-air...erm, network, known to the masses as Ion Plus, was supposed to be shut down on February 28, 2021. What they did not do was pull the plug on that date. But is it still in operation? Check back to find out whether or not Scripps finally pulled the plug!
Saints Row: Fansite From Hell - A "self-made" fansite from hell for Saints Row. Primarily contains information about the 2022 reboot as well as godawful attempts at comedy from yours truly.
The Ring of Gods - HULKAMANI-er, I mean, pro wrestling. WWE, AEW, Stardom, you name it.
Sarah's Media Vault (external link) - A dumping ground of random media (mostly TV-related) stuff, primarily from the 1970's to now and favoring loads of foreign content over things from the United States.
Family Feud 2020 Info - Information on the new (as of 2020) Family Feud video game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch...because no one else was crazy enough to host information for it.
Furby Town - A memorial to one of my first website endeavors.
A blank page that says nothing but "Windows 95" - Why does this exist? I have no idea. I'm too lazy to delete it from my server, though, so it stays.
Old Index - The old index page.
Basic Website - An insanely toned down variant of Valzentia.com that will literally work on almost every internet client known to man.

Website Archives

YouAreAnIdiot.org (2004) (Flash animation only)
NewRock973.com (2014)
Phobe.com's "Furby Autopsy" (2021) - Coming eventually (but don't get your hopes up)

If you are the owner of any of these websites and want me to remove them, contact me at sarah@valzentia.com.

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